Sitting in the airport waiting for a flight earlier, I decided to download a new Spotify playlist. I’m like some sort of OCD playlist maker; I have at least 15 that are organized by genre, theme, or mood. Yet, in my mass amount of playlists, I felt the need to discover new music.

Scrolling through Spotify’s featured genres, I noticed a folder titled ‘We the People’ . I was curious, so I opened it up. I definitely have a playlist comprised of speeches given by President Ronald Reagan (major conservative nerd right here), so I thought it might be something similar, possibly a playlist of recordings given by influential American leaders.

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Instead, the folder opened up to a list of videos filmed on different topics. The titles were things like Clarify: The Experts on Climate and Clarify: Santigold on Gender Equality. Apparently, the goal was to inform all of us who have varying opinions of the actual truth on these topics.

As I scrolled through, one thing became completely evident: Every single video was based on liberal ideology and featured a liberal. There was zero diversity of thought.

This isn’t surprising. Every American who holds conservative opinions and views knows that the media is one of the key players in the war against freedom, conservatism, and diversity of thought. The mass media is working, rather successfully, to make it unacceptable to hold differing views.

I think the surprising part is where we can see this bias against conservatives and what they stand for start creeping in. Honestly, although I’m never surprised at the liberal ideology Spotify subtly puts forth, I was caught off guard by seeing it so obviously exposed. Social media is particularly good at quietly setting the political tone; just go look at what Twitter and Snapchat feature as proof.

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One amazing example of media being driven by liberal agendas are the children’s movies that are being put out lately. Seriously-if you haven’t watched an animated, family friendly movie lately and asked yourself what the messaging goal was behind the movie, you need to. It’s enlightening.

You suddenly realize that adorable movies have really obvious messages, like Zootopia’s push of the LGBTQ agenda and The Lorax’s global warming/climate change message.

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You might be wondering what my entire point is, especially if you’re a conservative who already knows this. No, I’m not telling you to avoid all mass media or to protest in front of CNN or Dreamworks (although, that may be what our friends on the left would do if the tables were turned).

The point to be gained through this is to be a wise consumer. Open your eyes and realize the messaging that media is trying to sell you each time you partake. When we know what people are attempting to feed us, we can form logical arguments and point out the fallacies and problems within the message.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Use wise judgement, and don’t just blindly go along with a particular message just because mainstream media is selling it.

And whatever you do, DON’T let Spotify tell you what political views you should have.

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