Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer, says that the status quo, that we know from the Obama administration, will be over as soon as the president-elect assumes office.

“And I think what I mean by that is that you know, the president-elect looks at this and says what’s best for the country? How do we put America and Americans first and stop trying to figure out how we cater to you know, pundits and the establishment class, big donors?” Spicer told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, according to Politico.

Spicer and the Trump team has also floated the possibility of changing up the routine of the standard daily press briefings. Signaling the possibility of an emergence of more conservative networks and bloggers in the briefing room. Spicer stating that “this very state operation” could very well be shaken up.

The president-elect on the other hand, Spicer said that he has proven himself that he’s anything but the status quo. Saying on Hugh Hewitt’s program, “As you point out, he’s not afraid of anybody,” adding “He can sit down and go toe to toe with world leaders, top business folks. That’s what’s made him successful is his sort of no fear, get it done attitude”.

The country will continue to watch as he continues building his White House Communications Team, and other assets that he and Spicer have stated will break up and defy the “status quo”.

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