Social media has been the lifeblood of the people for quite some time now, especially the millennial generation. People rely on 140-character tweets and Facebook posts in order to catch the news and the latest in today’s society and pop-culture. Although this may not be the best source to get your news, it nonetheless is where a majority of people see/read about what is going on in the world.

I love Facebook and Twitter; I may even be obsessed with it. Refreshing my feeds probably 50-100 times a day, I – along with millions of other millennials – feed off of it. The one problem that Facebook and Twitter encounter though is the bias they put out to the users.

It is safe to say that both of these companies lean to the left, I don’t think there is any argument there. Look at the examples that have happened and are happening to this day. Facebook refuses to post anything positive about our new President and Twitter blocks users for exposing corruption.

What I mean by this is on the home page of Facebook, there is a list of things trending on Facebook – things that users are writing and posting about. Facebook goes even further for having different sections, such as politics, science and technology, sports, and entertainment. On the day of the inauguration of President Trump, the Obama’s were listed as trending, the bands playing at the inauguration were trending, but not a single thing about the President elect nor his family.

This screenshot was taken around 12:30pm, about 30 minutes after Trump being officially inaugurated.

Might I add, it also only listed 2.4K talking about the Inauguration…

Over the past few days, President Trump has been signing executive orders – lots of which those on the right are big fans of, things that Trump promised to do in his campaign. The things that are trending on Facebook, however, are “Barack and Michelle Obama, #FreeMelania, Keystone Pipeline, and Tom Brady.”

When clicking on Tom Brady, it discusses that he and the President have a good relationship. When clicking on the Pipeline, it calls it controversial. #FreeMelania is an Internet fad apparently where The President’s wife looks miserable in a video. Lastly, who even cares about the Obama’s right now? Why not focus on what’s happening in the White House?!

Facebook was in cahoots when it promoted fake news on accident. Zuckerberg, at first, didn’t think it was his responsibility to distinguish between what was real and what was fake. Changing his mind almost immediately, he made some changes that allows the users to flag an article if they think it is fake. A staffed group then does their research and figures out whether it is actually fake or not.

If Zuckerberg is going to go to these lengths to ensure that Facebook is a reliable source to get news, then he should not make his Facebook an area of bias. If we were to be simple and say that half of users of Facebook are leftists and the other half are rightists, then Zuckerberg might be in trouble.

Zuckerberg picking a lefty side is not an issue from a personal standpoint, but Facebook is a business used by everybody – regardless of political philosophy. If Zuckerberg continues to only show trends that would please the leftists, and if the folks on the right start to notice and take action, then Mr. Zuckerberg might have a problem on his hands.

Imagine the damage that would be done to Zuckerberg’s stocks if all of those on the right got sick of this biased attention and decided to stop going on Facebook.

On the other major social network, Twitter refuses to promote a reputable company called “Project Veritas.” This company’s main mission is to expose corruption, especially in the political sphere. Founder, James O’Keefe, was banned from Twitter and was only brought back due to a mass 20,000 tweets at CEO Jack Dorse using the hashtag, #FreeOKeefe. Finally, Twitter allowed him to use his account again, but still refuses to verify it.

With 233-thousand followers, James O’Keefe has made a movement in the political realm. Rustling the bushes of the establishment, he has a great story worth looking into. It is unfair that Twitter refuses to verify him, after all, almost any public figure is granted this status.

Being verified doesn’t even do much of anything (if at all); it just shows that the person tweeting is the actual person and not a fake account. That isn’t the issue though; the issue is Twitter blocking his account due to the attention he was receiving from his corruption-exposing videos. That isn’t right.

The solution? Simply show what is trending on Facebook with only restrictions to fake news and don’t block people for tweeting out corruption-exposing videos. Show the fact that President Trump is making moves, show what the people are talking about. Do not make it your mission to silence the right, Mr. Zuckerberg.

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