It seems that one of the biggest causes championed by feminists on the left is to keep the organization Planned Parenthood open and taxpayer-funded. They claim that Planned Parenthood is a benevolent organization with an interest in women’s health and not the abortion mill that those on the right say it is.

However, when we delve deeper into the history and operations of Planned Parenthood, we find that it is a much more sinister business than leftists claim. Here are 6 things you might not have known about Planned Parenthood.

1: Planned Parenthood was founded as a eugenics organization

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger in 1916. Sanger was severely racist and also hated the disabled. In short, she was a eugenicist. She believed that only white, able-bodied individuals should be able to introduce.

In her own words:

“Black people are human weeds [and] never should have been born.”

“[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

“Give dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.”

And it worked. In the last 30-40 years, the black population has gone down by about a quarter. One in three black pregnancies end with abortion. Black women make up 35% of abortion clients, despite being only 13% of the population, with 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics located in low-income minority neighborhoods.

Additionally, 92% of fetuses with down syndrome were aborted, according to ABC.

2: Planned Parenthood specializes in abortions

You may have heard a leftist say that abortions only make up 3% of the “services” provided by Planned Parenthood. This argument is statistically dishonest. When Planned Parenthood claims this statistic, they equate abortions, which cost $1500 to $2000 each to pregnancy tests, which cost about $10 each, as the following video explains

When revenue is taken into account, however, abortion makes up about 86% of Planned Parenthood’s income, as said by Cecille Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, in 2015. Planned Parenthood could not sustain itself financially if it were not for abortion.

3: Planned Parenthood clinics have abortion quotas

Former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer said in a video for the group Live Action that clinics that met monthly abortion quotas would be rewarded. In the same video, former Planned Parenthood nurse Marianne Anderson said that she felt that she was a salesperson, selling abortion. She also said that she was told that in order for her clinic to stay open, she would have to meet the quota.

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Even clinics that do not provide abortions must refer a certain number of patients to abortion clinics. A clinic in Aurora Colorado even got an award for “exceeding abortion visits first half of fiscal year 2012 compared to first half of fiscal year 2013.” This is hardly surprising considering the above fact that Planned Parenthood gets the vast majority of its income from performing abortions.

4: Planned Parenthood encourages abortion over all alternatives

In an effort to meet the quotas mentioned above, Planned Parenthood employees are told to encourage customers to get abortions. “I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion and to have it at Planned Parenthood because it counts towards our goal,” Thayer said in the video.

Likewise, Anderson said,

“If they’d say, ‘I’m not able to pay [my bill] today,’ then we would say something like, ‘Well, if you can’t pay $10 today, how are you going to take care of a baby? Have you priced diapers? Do you know how much it costs to buy a car seat? Where would you go for help? There’s no place in Storm Lake (or whatever town they were in), you know, where you can get help as a pregnant mom. So really, don’t you think your smartest choice is termination?”

The full video can be seen here:

5: Planned Parenthood helps child sex traffickers

In another Live Action video, Planned Parenthood workers were exposed aiding reporters posing as child sex traffickers in 2011:

6: Planned Parenthood performs third-trimester abortions

According to an article written by former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson for IJ Review, “late-term abortions are legal in the U.S. and do take place through the entire 3rd trimester, including through the 9th month of pregnancy.

According to the latest Guttmacher data, about 18,000 3rd trimester abortions are performed every year.” Johnson said that these were often performed for “medical reasons,” however, they do not require any documentation. In fact, about half of all late-term abortions are performed on healthy babies.

This is a third-trimester fetus:

Image result for 3rd trimester fetus

It is capable of most human functions in this state. According to Mayo Clinic, the third-trimester fetus can open its eyes and respond to light. It breathes and its nervous system is almost fully developed, meaning it can feel pain just like you and me, yet Planned Parenthood deems it appropriate to terminate.

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Do not believe leftist myths about Planned Parenthood. It is a sinister organization that cares only about making money and advancing its political agenda, not about the health and well-being of its patients as it may claim.

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Mark Jennings is a student at the University of Arizona. He has a passion for politics and political leadership and has attended conferences with Turning Point USA, the American Conservative Union and the Jeff Utsch Foundation. Mark is also the secretary and a founding member of Turning Point USA at the University of Arizona.


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