Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential run, he has been portrayed as an incredibly polarizing and controversial figure. Recently, so many rumors about Trump have been circulating on the internet that it can be difficult to distinguish hard facts from leftist propaganda.

Here are six myths perpetuated by the left about our new President, debunked.

Myth 1: Donald Trump is Racist

The most common myth about Donald Trump is the notion that he is racist. Some have even gone so far as to call him a white nationalist, similar to those of the KKK. This assertion, however, holds very little weight when examined. The Mar-a-Lago club in West Palm Beach, Florida was initially closed off to Jews and black people, however, when Trump bought it in the 1990’s, he insisted on desegregating the whites-only club, despite knowing he would lose money in making this decision.

In 1999, Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition praised Trump on his treatment of minorities in his business. He even met with prominent members of the black community such as Kanye West, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III to discuss measures to make predominantly black neighborhoods safer for their residents. All of them said that Trump seemed genuine in his desire to help the urban black population.

Myth 2: Donald Trump is a Misogynist

This myth started becoming widespread after the infamous “Trump Tapes” from several years ago surfaced, in which the then-reality TV star was caught telling Billy Bush that when you’re famous, women let you “grab them by the p***y.” While these comments were certainly inappropriate, it is unfair to assume that Trump is a misogynist. A misogynist, by definition, is a person that believes men are superior to women.

During a rally, Trump was asked by a young woman (who was later revealed to be a plant by rival Jeb Bush) if under his administration, she would make the same as a man. Trump responded that she would make the same if she does as good a job. Trump has made it obvious that gender plays no part in his business selections, having hired the first woman to design a skyscraper (Barbara Res) as well as the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign (Kellyanne Conway).

Myth 3: Donald Trump is a Sexual Predator

After the release of the Trump Tapes, sexual assault accusations against Trump began rolling out, some from decades ago. Many of these, however, have been proven false. According to The Political Insider, Summer Zervos was paid $500,000 by a Democratic Party fundraiser to fake a sexual assault accusation against Trump. Jessica Leeds accused Trump of groping her on an airplane in 1979 by raising the armrest between their seats and touching her. However, it was found that this was untrue when Anthony Gilberthorpe, a passenger on the same flight said he did not see it happen.

He also said that Leeds was “trying too hard” to impress and flirt with Trump. It was later revealed that Leeds was affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Last October, Mindy McGillivray accused Trump of nudging her during a concert at Mar-a-Lago at a concert on January 24, 2003, but many inconsistencies were found in her story, including the fact that no such event happened on that day at the Mar-a-Lago.

Myth 4: Donald Trump is anti-LGBT

Following his election, Donald trump told 60 Minutes that he agreed with the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling in 2015, guaranteeing couples in homosexual relationships the right to marry in all states. Following the Pulse Nightclub massacre, Trump specifically told the LGBT community that as president he would keep them safe from radical Islamic terrorism—something that neither Hillary Clinton nor President Obama even brought up.

Trump was the first major Republican presidential candidate to speak out on behalf of the LGBT community, to which he received major applause from the attendees at the convention. Following the applause, he said “I have to say as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.” It is clear that Donald Trump is passionate about making the Republican Party more accepting of LGBT individuals.

Myth 5: Donald Trump Condones Hate Crimes

On 60 Minutes, following his election, Donald Trump told any of his supporters committing crimes against minorities, women and LGBT individuals to stop.

Myth 6: Donald Trump is Greedy

Here is a list of just a few ways in which Donald Trump has been generous with his money:

Trump paid for a Mexican boy to graduate college after hearing about the boy’s dying mother.

Trump gave $10,000 to Darnell Barton after hearing about how he saved a suicidal woman’s life.

Trump sent his personal airliner to help fly a sick boy to the hospital after hearing that no commercial airline had room for his medical equipment.

Trump bought a truck full of toiletries, basic necessities and children’s toys to personally deliver to victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Trump gave a the financially poor family of a young girl suffering from a bone disease a check for an undisclosed amount of money.

Trump gave away over $102 million between 2009 and 2014.

Donald Trump may be far from perfect, but the left’s claims that he is an evil bigot hold little water when examined critically. It is important not to fall into the fear-mongering and propaganda and instead examine claims closely to avoid being misled.

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