The swamp is sucking in your future.

On a yearly basis, it absorbs 12.4% of your income to prop up a failed Social Security system – a system that is inching toward bankruptcy waking moment.

Do you trust the government?

I’m assuming that’s a big fat NO. Then why would you want them to hold YOUR retirement in their hands and more importantly their greedy pockets.

A simple reform option, sadly not being supported heavily by either of the major parties, is the ability for younger people to be given the option to opt out of Social Security.

That way, you would invest your money in your own personal retirement account rather than a bureaucrat who has no personal ties to you or your family. That account would be owned and controlled by you – and one that politicians can’t get their greedy hands on.

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Most notably Chile has successfully made the transition from their failed Social Security system to a healthy system based on individual retirement accounts. In Chile, over 90% of workers have opted out of the government-run system. It’s about time America jumps on board!

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