Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is sick of ‘corruption’ that exists within the U.S. government as revealed by Wikileaks.


Clarke in an interview on Fox News told host Tucker Carlson that the corruption of the Justice Department started with then-Attorney General Eric Holder being found in contempt of Congress.

Clarke emphasized that the corruption has continued under Loretta Lynch, citing her secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton shortly before the FBI made an announcement there would be no charges against Mrs. Clinton over her private email server.

“The corruption is all throughout the government. It’s the courts, it’s our institutions of government, the higher-ups at the FBI, the DOJ, the Congress, on and on and on,” said Clarke, who stated the only way things will change is through voting.

“I believe that the American people are finally going to have to rise up. It is ‘pitchfork and torches’ time, to use a metaphor, in America to get these people out of here and for the citizens of America to take this country back.”

Watch the full interview above.

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(H/T: Fox News)

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