A service similar to Uber will be launching in Boston after a rebranding and leadership change.

The service, named Safr, says that service will start next week on an invite_only basis. It plans to open to the Boston public starting in March.

Two things make Safr sexist. For one, it is a woman-only ride-sharing service. The company has already faced questions regarding anti-discrimination laws and whether or not it is even entirely legal.

The second thing is that it’s called Safr (pronounced “Safer”). The fact that its a woman-only service with this name insinuates that offering an equal (something feminists used to want, before some of them¬†determined that all men are trash) service is dangerous for women. Essentially this service is a statement that all men pose a threat to Women.

This is simply outrageous. Data taken from the Battered Women’s Support Services states the the majority of physical or sexual violence that women encounter from men is “by husbands, intimate partners, or someone they know.”

In fact, we searched to see if we could find violence against women, and while we have not found everything, and we cannot state that there has never been violence against women in standard services like Uber, the one somewhat violent incident was only a heated conversation reported by the Daily Mail, however exactly what happened before their video footage is unclear and no physical actions were taken.

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