The Fall semester is in full swing and many universities across the country are taking a different approach to welcoming students — segregating events for blacks only. Many universities justify their events by claiming they are ‘enhancing’ the college experience for black students, isolating the students from their white peers.

According to the College Fix:

California State University Fresno recently held a three-day student retreat for black students.

George Mason University also recently hosted a “Black Freshman Orientation”.

At the University of Wisconsin Madison on Sept. 11 there was a “Students of Color Welcome BBQ.”

Cal State LA, UConn, San Francisco State and others — now offer dorm wings for black students.


The concept of “blacks-only” is a growing trend on college campuses across America. Students are being grouped by their race, rather than their potential degree, marks, or level of education.

Much of the newly pushed segregation is being pushed by Black Student Unions and students. In one instance, at California State University-Los Angeles, the Black Student Union sent a letter of demands to the school, one being providing segregated accommodations. Eventually the university agreed.

The Black Student Union, which is also known as the Afrikan Black Coalition, celebrated the decision on its Instagram page, saying that the segregation was “long overdue but well deserved”.

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(H/T: College Fix)

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