St. Thomas, a Catholic university in Miami, recently tried to shut down Turning Point USA’s club on campus after a new administrator claimed the organization did not align with “Catholic principles”. Interestingly enough, the school appears to have no issue with a dance team that uses highly suggestive dancing during performances. The school’s handling of the matter was the subject of a recent e-mail sent out to interested students.

Although Turning Point USA Miami field director Driena Sixto met with a member of the administration and the student government president back in the Fall and had approval to table on campus, Carmen Brown, an administrator at the school, denied her further access a few weeks ago.

Brown claimed that Turning Point USA’s “foul” language did not align well with Catholic principles, although she did not explain what this meant when asked several time by Sixto and myself. An attorney representing the school failed to respond to requests as well.

In response, Sixto sent a blistering e-mail to the students she had previously signed up from tabling since October at the school. She pointed out that the school is funded by the Archdiocese of Miami and the school has ties to Barry University, another Catholic university, which incidentally recently approved a Turning Point chapter.

Among the highlights from the e-mail:

“In an ironic turn of events, the school that was founded in 1961 by Augustinians that were expelled from Cuba by the communist Castro dictatorship is now a school where conservative values and freedom of expression are undesired, thanks to complaints of left-wing, and self-declared communist/socialist faculty members.”


“The school is still completely funded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, who is currently part of a nationwide lawsuit against a mandate that coerces employers to pay for sterilizations, abortion-inducing contraceptives…That is, advocating for the same principles that Turning Point USA, our nationwide-wide non-profit organization advocates for, and the reason for which we were banned from St. Thomas… promoting limited government, free markets, and fiscal conservatism. It’s a bummer when the government is so powerful that it can dictate how we can live our lives and spend our money huh? #BigGovSucks”

You can read the full e-mail here:

And watch the videos here.

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