After an atheist mom filed a law suit against a Pennsylvania high school in 2012, the Ten Commandments monument is being officially removed.

Marie Schlub alleged in her law suit that the Ten Commandments was a blatant religious symbol and was offensive to her and her daughter, who was a Valley Junior-Senior High School student at the time, TribLive reported.

The school district’s insurance company is set to pay $163,500 in legal fees — including more than $40,000 to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

TribLive reported:

In July 2015, a federal judge dismissed Schaub’s suit, ruling that, because Schaub had withdrawn her daughter from Valley High School, she did not have standing to file such a suit.

But a month later, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Schaub’s lawsuit, ruling that withdrawing her daughter from school to avoid having to see the monument daily was proof of “injury” from the presence of the religious symbol.

Pallone questioned the motive of the lawsuit and said no one really won in the end.

The Ten Commandments monument was erected at the school in 1957 after a local Fraternal Order of the Eagles branch gave it to the school district following the 1956 release of the movie “The Ten Commandments”.

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Schaub stated:

“It’s unfortunate that many people in my community don’t understand or appreciate the separation of church and state, but I hope this settlement serves as an important lesson. I’d like to thank the FFRF for all of their help and everyone who has supported our cause.”

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