In Henry County, Georgia, the school district is requiring school administrators to remove all religious items from public school classrooms and buildings.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes obtained a copy of the directive from the school district.

It reads in part: “You are hereby directed to remove all items which contain religious symbols, such as crosses, printed bibles, angels, bible verses, printed prayers, and biblical quotations from the common areas, hallways, classrooms, and office of East Lake Elementary School,” the directive reads.


“Further…religious and biblical references should not be included in notes to parents, email signature lines, or any other correspondence sent on behalf of East Lake Elementary School,” the declaration reads. “Finally, please remember that all references to holiday parties should comply with the Henry County School District’s Policy, Procedure and Practices for Holidays.”

Henry County District spokesman J.D. Hardin confirmed the authenticity of the directive, which was sent to administrators on Monday.

“It was not intended as something that was supposed to be shared or put out with public consumption,” Hardin explained. “It was more of a directive for our administrators to remind their employees of this particular law that is in pace as dictated by the federal government.”

The school district will still allow teachers to wear religious jewelry Hardin added, so long as it’s not “overt or way out there.”

When asked if schools were allowed to have bibles in their library Hardin replied: “That’s a good question. I don’t know that we have any Bibles within our libraries.”

Mike Huckabee said it best several years ago after the Sandy Hook shooting, we are systematically removing God from our schools.

What are your thoughts on the school district ordering the elementary to remove anything religious from school property? Let us know!

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(H/T: Fox News)

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  1. Leave repetitively say religious but when they break it down, they only mention catholic items, nothing about specific items from other religions.


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