In the 2016 election cycle a large, more vocalized issue arose; Congressional term limits. While a candidate, Donald Trump became for his outsider approach and “drain the swamp” mindset.

Throughout the campaign, many other candidates started to show their support for term limits. However, term limits are not in the best interest of voters or the members or potential members of Congress.

The People Should Determine Who Is Elected

The first point that stands out against term limits is how politicians are elected. Politicians are simply elected by the people. The people are the strongest and most powerful form of term limits. Voters today now have the resources to be informed and spread their opinions to other voters.  

A large reason why term limits are being encouraged is because of a number of years and decades politicians spend in Washington, however, there is a large majority of politicians that were elected before the Internet and social media played such a large role in the election process.

A large reason why term limits are being encouraged is because of a number of years and decades politicians spend in Washington.

The impact of the Internet can be seen in action during this past election cycle. During the past election, there have been countless news articles, Tweets from supporters and opposers, and websites that let voters know where their candidate stands on the issues. With this ability for information to be spread so far and fast the people can truly make their own educated decision for the candidate that will represent them best.

The Best Candidate Will Not Hold The Position

A second reason to not limit members of Congress is how it will affect the constituents. With the mandatory switching of representative, it will block the best candidate from holding the position. The limits will mean that there will be newcomers constantly coming into the position, and not receiving the opportunity to become as experienced as the representatives currently serving.

The number of newcomers will also affect the people if the Congressional member decided to run for another or higher office. If a member of Congress decides to run for another office there is a high probability that the voters will look at their voting records that were established while in Congress.

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With the proposed limitation of a number of time members can spend in Congress there would be less of a voting record that would, in the end, hurt the candidate and the voter. The voter will be unable to tell how a candidate cast votes and the candidate will be unable to gain the support from those voters.

The Voters Are The Best Term Limits

The third reason against limitation is that the voters themselves are the most effective form of term limits. As Americans, we have the power to make a change when we are unhappy with the current situations. This also applies to Congress meaning that if we are unhappy with our elected representation is Washington we hold the power to vote them out of power and put a new person in their spot. 

In the long run, term limits will hurt the American people more than they are intended to help. The American people are the most beneficial and effective form of a Congressional term limit, especially with the extent of the Internet in today’s society.

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