The Galaxy Note 7, most arguably one of the largest fails we’ve seen in recent years from Samsung. However, plenty of people did opt to stick with their new Phablets because, hey, their phones aren’t exploding why should they have to give it back? Well now Samsung is giving a bit more than just a reason to give it back.

For the people who have not yet given back their devices, Samsung will start to limit its charging.¬†Samsung on Friday said 85 percent of all recalled Note 7 phones in the US have been replaced through its refund and exchange program, “with the majority of the participants opting to receive another Samsung smartphone.” The company didn’t immediately provide information about how many phones had been returned around the world.

For those 15% of dedicated Note users, Samsung said it will release a software update within the coming days to limit the phone’s charging ability at 60%. After that percentage, you simply will not get any more charge. It will also issue pop-ups to those users every time they restart their phone, charge it, or even turn the screen on.

“We remain focused on collecting the outstanding Galaxy Note 7 phones in the market,” the company said in a statement on its website.

The company is willing to torture its loyal users, with some extreme cases like in New Zealand, where earlier Friday, the company said it had teamed up with carriers in New Zealand to cut off access to wireless networks for customers still using their Note 7 devices.

Samsung hasn’t gone that far yet anywhere else in the world, but it still seems extremely drastic. Denying users the service they paid for because a company wants the device back doesn’t seem like a good business model – but then again, neither does selling exploding smartphones.

What are your thoughts on this? Should the 15% of Note users be forced to give back their devices? Let us know below!

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