While doing a segment about CPAC, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” made a point to accuse certain attendees with having “Nazi hair”. The hair style is popular with some people, like part-time punching bag Richard Spencer.


However, one of the people the show features with having “Nazi hair” turns out to not have the hair style voluntarily. That’s because the man, Kyle Coddington, has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. (He also has a GoFundMe page)

It was revealed by family, friends, and even Kyle himself after seeing the segment.


Without issuing an apology, Full Frontal has taken down the segment.

Miles Kahn, an executive producer for Full Frontal, has reached out to Kyle so they can chat privately, but have still not issued a public apology.


After being repeatedly asked for hours on social media to apologize, Full Frontal’s Twitter account issued an apology.


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