Saint Louis University’s Student Government Association has effectively banned “non-students” from using the school’s “Oath of Inclusion” (read below).

According Saint Louis University’s website, the Oath of Inclusion is:

“a student-led initiative that sets the expectation for all Billikens to promote inclusion on campus. Though it may seem like a lofty feat to accomplish, the Oath serves as an inspiration of what we can accomplish together.”

Now, though, “non-students” are effectively banned from using the Oath of Inclusion.

Non-students are defined by student Amy Lutz of YAF: 

This means faculty, professors, administrators, and others who have oft used the manifesto in class, on syllabi, and in special departmental programs no longer can. What results is more of a blanket campus-wide ban, with the only people “allowed” to use the oath being students (most of whom go months without even glancing at it).

Many have reported that the Oath of Inclusion was used by administrators and faculty to deceive minorities into believing that the university truly valued minority representation.

“An Oath of Inclusion is far from necessary on a campus like Saint Louis University…The Constitution of the United States already protects our most valuable rights.”

Amy Lutz

SLU’s newspaper reported “that several departments were using the Oath in promotional materials to deceive minority students.”

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“Because the Oath of Inclusion was an initiative started by students for students, many members of Senate and their constituents find it troubling that the Oath is used by departments to solely gain greater representation of minority students on campus,” said SGA President Kevin Lynch.

Here’s what Amy Lutz thought about the Oath of Inclusion as a whole:

But here’s the kicker. An “Oath of Inclusion,” is far from necessary on a campus like Saint Louis University, or most campuses for that matter. The Constitution of the United States already protects our most valuable rights. Those rights aren’t supposed to halt at the schoolhouse doors.

Read the Oath in its entirety:

We, as students, form a diverse and vibrant university community.

We do not enter into this community by proximity, but by virtue of a shared Jesuit vision — to pursue higher truths, obtain greater knowledge and strive for a better world. In this endeavor, we do not succeed by our individual ambitions, but by our discovery of each other.

We find higher truths when we seek to understand the complexity of our neighbors’ identities, we obtain greater knowledge when we consider the perspectives of our fellow students and we begin to strive for a better world when we build a stronger community.

As a student and a member of the SLU community, I will live by this oath.

I will embrace people for the diversity of their identities, creating a community inclusive of race, ethnicity, sex, age, ability, faith, orientation, gender, class and ideology.

I will challenge my worldview through education inside and outside the classroom.

I will show that I am proud to be a Billiken by enriching the culture of our University.

I will foster a community that welcomes all by recognizing the inherent dignity of each person.

I will work for social justice in the Saint Louis community and beyond.

This is the SLU I believe in.

This is the community I am building.

This is our SLU.


What do you think about Saint Louis University SGA restricting who can use the Oath of Inclusion is this just the epitome of irony? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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