Over the last several months the tensions between the United States and Russia have been greatly escalating. There are a number of factors that this can be attributed to, but largely it has been due to Russia’s sympathies to the al Assad regime which is currently in power in Syria.

With the ongoing Civil War in Syria, Russia has taken a side contrary to what many others across the world have taken. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been quick to disavow any who dare criticize the current regime in power in Russia.

As Putin has cancelled foreign meetings and appearances, moved nuclear missiles towards the Polish border, and other cringeworthy actions. Aside from this, Russia has also undertaken some relatively unprecedented actions that should be concerning to the international community. For example, recent reports indicate that a memo was sent out to Russian officials asking that they have all relatives living abroad return to the “motherland.”

Now, reports have indicated that there was a Russian warplane which flew “dangerously close” to an American plane in the eastern portion Syria. It is not yet clear if this was simply a mishap in the crowded airspace above Syria, or if this was a purposeful attack on Americans abroad.

American military officials have stated that the pilot had said he could feel the turbulence from the Russian jet as it went be. The official explained, “It was close enough you could feel the jet wash of the plane passing by,” these sources also indicate thought that it was simply a mistake. At the time, it was dark out and the planes were traveling without lights.

A coalition, led by the United States has set up a hotline in which pilots from different nations have the ability to communicate their location with one another. It is believed that the Russian jet was unsuccessfully reached by the American.

Despite these excuses that have been made to justify the actions by Russia, there has still been a stark uptick in regards to how often American planes have been followed or interacted to closely with Russian jets. It has been estimated that this type of action has been occurring once every 10 days or so.

Pentagon officials have said in the past that Russia’s actions in the air have oftentimes been “unsafe and unprofessional behaviour.” Typically this may very well be overlooked and ignored, but with the rising tensions between Russia and the United States, any event such as this should raise a red flag.

(h/t Yahoo! News)

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