Following President Trump’s joint address before Congress, Rosie O’Donnell began going on rants against people who were proud of Trump’s speech. One of the people that O’Donnell began harassing was a student at Illinois State University

Delainey Trost, a senior at Illinois State University, interjected into one of the rants that took place. Trost replied that Trump was outstanding and asked O’Donnell why she believed Trump was a liar. Trost also said that Trump is not horrible to all women. O’Donnell called Trost’s reply sad and Trost asked O’Donnell if she agreed that we should be unitng the nation instead of further driving the country apart.

Trost ended that tweet by saying O’Donnell was a smart, kind woman and that she should agree with what Trump had to say. Trost also told O’Donnell that if she loved the country she should be standing behind our tropps, wanting border regulations, and wanting businesses to stay in the United States.

Trost stated her support for President Trump and the values of the Republican party. O’Donnell told Trost to wake up and put the nation before party. Trost ended the conversation by telling O’Donnell that she was sure she was outstanding, kind and good hearted. Trost also said that the state of the nation isn’t in most people’s best interests, which is disheartening.

The tweets between Trost and O’Donnell

After O’Donnell and Trost’s argument, O’Donnell went on a rant about President Trump and Russia. O’Donnell also accused Trump of committing treason against the United States but did not give any evidence to back up her allegations. O’Donnell also showed her support of Planned Parenthood and called Trump a pathological liar.

O’Donnell continued her tirade by saying Trump is a phony liar, guilty of treason, a conman, and believes nothing he says. She also quoted a tweet from George Takei which called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a racist, Vice President Mike Pence a homophobe, and Advisor Steve Bannon a White Nationalist. O’Donnell had no facts to back up her claims and her tirade carried over into Wednesday.

Celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell are showing us everyday why Donald Trump was able to win the election in November. Her personal attacks on American citizens as well as her repeated shots against President Trump are only giving Americans more of a reason to vote for Trump again in 2020.

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