For pro-Israel Americans, the last eight years have oftentimes been rather frustrating. The Iran Nuclear Agreement was pushed heavily by the Obama Administration despite the adamant opposition led by Israeli leaders and pro-Israel group in the United States.

To continue expressing discontent with Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, last month, the United States abstained from a vote on a resolution which condemned Israel for “illegal” settlements. By abstaining, the resolution was allowed to pass through the U.N. Security Council.

It now appears that President Donald Trump is in fact going to take a very different approach to issues regarding Israel and the Middle East as a whole. Throughout the campaign, Trump emphasized that he was a strong ally to the State of Israel. He made a number of lofty promises regarding Israeli policy, that there certainly will be significant scrutiny regarding what he decides to follow through with.

One of the top priorities of Trump and virtually every Republican in Washington has been to relocate the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The current embassy stands in Tel Aviv. This move would likely be viewed in a very positive light for those in Israel, but some others in the Middle East and at the United Nations may not view the actions in the same way.

Critics say the move could be detrimental to the process of finding peace with the Palestinians, and that it would also violate international law to make the move. Already, American officials and members of the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that the next Ambassador to Israel could potentially be based in Jerusalem, rather than in Tel Aviv. It has already been ruled that this could take place without officially relocating the embassy.

The issues surrounding the move is largely regarding the fact that both the Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital. It has been expected that Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will speak with now President Donald Trump on Sunday.

Trump has named David Friedman as his Ambassador to Israel. He has proven to be a staunch supporter of Israel.

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