Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, and a number of other prominent current or former government officials have appeared to be in the lead at various points to become the next Chief Diplomat of the United States of America. Throughout the last few weeks each of these individuals, as well as some others have appeared to be the pick at different times.

But reports coming out today indicate the choice may not be a mainstream pick. It now appears to be likely that Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the energy giant Exxon will be tapped as Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State. If true this decision will come as a surprise to many, as many had expected a well versed insider for this position to compliment Trump’s lack of experience on the international stage.

Although this may be a controversial selection solely on the basis of background, there are also questions being raised regarding his ties to Russia. Especially with recent developments suggesting potential Russian involvement and favoritism in the recent US election, this will likely be made an issue especially by those on the left. Tillerson’s background with Putin goes way back as he previously had represented the interests of Exxon in Russia.

However the Trump Transition team is sure to make this out to be a positive, as they are likely to argue it is in the interests of the United States to be on strong diplomative terms with Russia, than to be adversaries in this time of distress and instability across the world. Regardless of the decision making process though, there are sure to be many who criticize this pick. Although it has not been officially announced numerous Democrats have spoken out against the pick already.

For example, Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey already took to Twitter to speak out against this selection. Menendez went as far as calling Tillerson a “willing accomplice” to the Russian government.

Moving forward, there is sure to be much more to come of this situation as it is expected to be officially announced any moment who the pick will be.

(h/t Reuters)

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