According to Fox News, a US official has stated that it is believed that members of the Islamic State have attacked an American base in Iraq with a rocket with traces of a “mustard agent.”

The base, is located outside of Qayyarah and is about 25 miles south of Mosul.

According to officials from the Pentagon, there was a substance on the shell of the rocket which was described as a, “tar-like black oily substance.” There were no casualties and nobody was impacted by the attack.

There were between two and four soldiers in the area of the attack, and two additional investigated the rocket. None of them were exposed to the chemicals, however they all received treatment to assure against any contamination.

Although attacks against American forces are not uncommon in the region, it is believed to be the first chemical attack at least since the United States returned to Iraq in 2014.

The shell will be sent to Ft. Detrick in Maryland for investigation to determine if in fact there was a chemical agent present in the attack. This is also significant as Mosul is the only remaining, major city in Iraq which is controlled by the Islamic State.

(h/t Fox News)

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