Tuesday, a Commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said that Iran does in fact have missiles that could hit the State of Israel.

The intention of why Iran would possess these weapons is clear. According to Iran’s Press TV, the official Amirali Hajizadeh explained, “we do not need missiles with a range of over 2,000 kilometers. The longest range required for [Iran’s] missiles is the [Israeli] occupied lands.” He went on to add, “the Zionist regime is our biggest target.”

This should act as a wake up call to those in America who do not realize the detrimental impacts that would occur if Iran is able to have these types of weapons. The official also reported that the ballistic missiles will be fully functioning by March 2017.

It is believed that the range is about 750 kilometers, meaning that Israel would obviously be well within the range of attack.

With the Iran Nuclear deal in full force, it is clear that they have no intention of following the terms of the agreement or doing anything to protect the State of Israel from outside attacks. It is worrisome that there will likely be nothing to come from these violations. For the sake of Israel and for stability in the region, it can only be hopes that the Obama Administration steps up to put a stop to Iran’s latest developments.

(h/t Jerusalem Post)

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