The White House press briefings are about to get a little more interesting now, if reports coming out of Washington are true.

Jerome Corsi, newly announced as the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for  Infowars, said the outlet has formally applied for White House press credentials. Corsi said the Trump administration reportedly “didn’t think there would be any problem” admitting the 9/11 truther’s site to report alongside other news media from the official briefing room.

During a January 31 appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Corsi told Jones he was “very excited to get to Washington, to establish press credentials at the White House, and to create the Washington news bureau for Infowars.”

Jerome Corsi on The Alex Jones Show

Corsi said that he hoped that by early next week, “ is going to be in the press briefings at the White House as White House-accredited press.

Corsi contrasted Infowars with most of the reporters in the briefing room, who he said are “all of a like ideological leftist agenda” and who are “all set out to attack everything Donald Trump does.”

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