A college provost at Regis University is refusing aid to a conservative student facing discrimination for holding a “Social Justice Bake Sale” that the university claims “violated university policy and federal law.”

Following the uproar, Regis University even went as far as to block Alexander Beck from viewing its official Twitter account. After university administrators disrupted Beck and his Young Americans for Liberty group from hosting a satirical “Social Justice Bake Sale,” according to Campus Reform.

Beck and his YAL group were selling cookies on campus based on the amount of “privilege” or “oppression” of each person. Asians, for instance, would have to pay more than whites, and female and LGBT students would receive a discount. The point of affirmative action bake sales is to highlight the ridiculousness of affirmative action and “leg-up” programs.

Here is an example of the pricing at an affirmative action bake sale:

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Regis University stated the following:

“[The bake sale] violated university policy and federal law by selling items at different prices based on race and gender.”

Beck also claims that he has faced extreme discrimination in the form of threats, stalking, and vandalism at the hands “anti-fascists.” The student chose to go to Provost Janet Houser for advice and protection, but he says he was refused assistance. Beck claims that Houser stated, “It’s not that I can’t do anything; I am not going to do anything.”

Houser let her political views taint her treatment of a student in need after claiming that “as a woman” she found the affirmative action bake sale “deeply offensive” and “racist”.

What do you think of the administration’s refusal to give Beck fair treatment? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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