By now we’ve all seen the news headlines about President Donald Trump speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. yesterday morning.  The liberal media showcased what they do best: trying to make the President look pompous and rude. Luckily, we spoke with an inside source about what really happened when Trump addressed the breakfast attendees, and provide you with the truth.

Rumor: Trump trashes Arnold Schwarzenegger for ‘Apprentice’ ratings

Fact: First of all, can’t we all learn how to decipher a sarcastic joke (I’m talking to you CNN)? CNN is all too familiar with taking things out of context. In the news article linked above, the writer only shows a small forty five second excerpt of President Trump’s twenty minute speech in which he is joking around about Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over the show, “The Apprentice” .

What happened to good ole’ fun? The last time I checked, “trashing” meant putting someone down, calling them names, and threatening them.

On the contrary, after making these remarks, Trump said to the show’s producer:

“But we’ve had an amazing life together, the last 14, 15 years.  And an outstanding man, and thank you very much for introducing me.  Appreciate it.  It’s a great honor.”

Also according to Fox News Insider,

‘[Press Secretary] Spicer said the president made the remarks to be ‘lighthearted’ toward his friend, Mark Burnett, and that the remarks on the whole were ‘beautiful.’

If there is one thing that the mainstream media is good at, it’s twisting the truth. Fortunately, Hypeline’s goal is to expose the truth as it comes as good, or bad, as it may be.

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