A recurring theme in American politics is involving the constant battle between socialism and capitalism. This last election cycle, socialist ideals really were able to find a mainstream presence via the campaign of self proclaimed democratic-socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Coming in second place in the Democratic primary, Sanders was able to bring a number of issues into political discussions which historically had not taken place. For example, he passionately believes in a universal healthcare system and that college should be made tuition free.

Many people from both sides of the aisle have taken issue with many of the ideas of Senator Sanders. Most clearly though, many Republicans who ran for President took significant issue with many of his economic proposals. Perhaps the candidate with the most radically different economic proposals was the Senate colleague of Sanders, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

During their tenure in the Senate, they have had their fair share of disputes. Oftentimes, these have come regarding the scope that government should play in the lives of Americans. Especially, involving Americans having a “right” to healthcare.

With this oftentimes coming up, it should not be a surprise that the libertarian leaning Paul, would cross paths with socialist Sanders, during the hearing for President-elect Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. For this position, Trump appointed physician, Tom Price (R-GA-6). Congressman Price certainly tends to find himself in line with Senator Paul, much more than he does with Senator Sanders, especially on issues involving Health and Human Services.

Rand Paul did not allow Bernie Sanders a pass when he had stated that America was not a “compassionate” society.

Watch the exchange below! Be sure to let HYPELINE know who you think was correct in the comments!

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