Police were forced to use pepper spray against protestors attempting to disturb the peace only blocks from President Trump’s inauguration as protestors tried to display their anger against the new POTUS.

To be completely fair, there were quite a few completely peaceful protests, not harming any person or entity. However, it’s when a group of roughly 100 protestors smashed windows of businesses when things got out of hand.

Police were forced to chase down the protestors and remove the threat they posed to the local are. When the confrontation happened, roughly an hour before the swearing-in ceremony, demonstrators were seen shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot,” a chant that first was seen popularly in the Ferguson protests from 2014.

A group named the DisruptJ20 coalition reportedly stated that people would be participating actions in Washington in efforts to shut down any celebrations and preventing their occurrence. They also stated that they were willing to risk arrest to carry out their plans, which did end in failure.

Other groups that made their voices known in protest included the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as feminist groups.

According to ABC News, most Trump supporters walking to the inauguration past Union Station ignored protesters outside the train station, but not Doug Rahm, who engaged in a lengthy and sometimes profane yelling match with them.

“Get a job,” said Rahm, a Bikers for Trump member from Philadelphia. “Stop crying snowflakes, Trump won.”

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