A professor at California State-Fresno, Lars Maischak, is calling for the execution of Trump and his supporters for being “fascists.”

Maischak has been ranting about President Trump and his supporters for several months now, bringing up execution multiple times.

Here are some of his disturbing tweets:

At one point, Maischak also emphasized that he has doesn’t respect our laws:

When people began calling him out on Twitter, the unashamed professor doubled down on his stance, stating that execution would be a “compelling conclusion.” Clearly, Maischak believes he is morally correct and views his political adversaries not as people who simply have different opinions, but as people who are actually genocidal and must be removed from society.

Ironically, Maischak is a professor in the History department. Considering his subjective definition of the word fascism, one can only imagine what his lectures might be like.

When signing up for classes, conservative students at California State University-Fresno should be aware of the delusional Professor Maischak and his militant intolerance.

And remember, if you see something, say something.

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