Planned Parenthood regularly performs over 300,000 abortions a year, but for some pro-choicers at a recent rally, that’s not enough.

According to the DePaul University student newspaper, recent protestors at a pro-choice rally in Chicago were upset at how Planned Parenthood, Democrats, and Hillary Clinton were minimizing abortion access.

The DePaulia quotes several students who said the Democrats had failed pro-choicers by pushing to minimize abortions while still protecting access to them. One student is quoted as saying, “The Democrats and Planned Parenthood have given up on making this demand. (Hillary) Clinton had this stance to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’ You see this in Planned Parenthood (broadcasting) that abortions are only three percent of what (they) do. And what we want to say is we’re not trying to minimize (abortion). We’re trying to make this a basic human right.”

Another student said that Democrats and Planned Parenthood weren’t vocally pro-choice enough; “They’re basically admitting they’ve lost the moral argument. So they’re saying that (abortion) is somehow wrong but they want it anyway. We need to make the argument again that abortion is a basic human right for everybody.”

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