After four interesting weeks as president, President Donald Trump is out of the White House and back to doing what he loves best — campaigning.

Trump will hold a campaign rally at an airport hangar in central Florida on Saturday afternoon.

For Trump, the rally offers an opportunity to utilize energy of his upstart campaign and to connect with his supporters.

Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump wants to:

“speak directly to people across this county in an unfiltered way, in a way that doesn’t have any bias.”

During an appearance Friday at a Boeing plant in South Carolina, Trump slipped back into his campaign’s “America First” message with ease.

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The event Saturday is being advertised by Trump’s campaign, rather than the White House. Asked if it was a rally for his subsequent reelection, Sanders called it “a campaign rally for America.”

Trump himself promoted his appearance on Twitter:

Trump is spending the holiday weekend at what he calls his “Winter White House,” his Mar-a-Lago resort. There, he is also expected to continue deliberations on whom to appoint as his next national security adviser.

In regards to the vacant national security adviser position, Trump tweeted out:

In this coming week, the President is expected to announce Gen. Flynn’s successor and a new immigration order, to take the placer of the previous order now in judicial limbo.

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