It is abundantly clear that California is among the most liberal states in the country. In fact, during the last general election for Senate there were two Democrats going against each other to represent the Golden State.

Although it may be difficult for most people on the right side of the aisle to find success in the state, some have been able to overcome the obstacles. Most notably, actor turned politician Ronald Reagan was able to be elected governor of California, more recently the same occurred for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both of them were able to overcome party affiliation to become two term governors of the state after successful movie careers.

It now appears that another prominent individual could be looking to follow their paths.

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel is reportedly considering a run for the California gubernatorial election in 2018. Politico reported that he has been discussing the possibility with some within in his inner circle, although the prospects do appear unlikely.

Nonetheless, the outspoken supporter of Donald Trump who immigrated here from Germany is gay and is worth $2.7 billion. He could potentially change the playing field in California. His first successful venture came with the development of PayPal, something that is very significant in the world of technology and e-commerce today.

Prior to his time in the business, he worked as an attorney, he attended Stanford University both for undergraduate studies and to obtain his Juris Doctorate.

Although he may not be an actor, Thiel certainly is a very popular figure who could change things up. At the very least, if he did decide to run for governor, he would very likely had a strong change at making the race close, something very few Republicans would be able to do.

With Jerry Brown being term limited out in 2018, a prominent figure could potentially gain some traction in the race. In 2014, Brown received just under 60% of the vote. Although this may seem to be a large number, it does show that a popular figure like Thiel could potentially gain some ground and make it a competitive race.

What do you think? Would Peter Thiel be a good candidate for governor in California? Would he have any chance to win the election? Let HYPELINE know what you think in the comments!

(h/t Politico)

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