The Iran Nuclear Deal, which was pushed heavily by the Obama Administration has been at the centerpiece of controversy. Questions have loomed constantly as to whether or not the agreement will do anything to substantially decrease the ability of the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, Iran, to obtain nuclear weapons.

Despite having various systems put in place which are meant to prevent the creation of nuclear weapons by Iran, there have already been numerous instances to suggest the agreement has already been broken. Most notably, reports have indicated the Middle Eastern nations do in fact have ballistic missiles with a target of Israel, something which is very clearly forbidden by the agreement.

Adding questions to the situation, the Obama Administration has paid over $400 million worth of ransom to Iran, despite Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s continued persistence to call it “leverage,” not that he has even been able to offer an explanation as to what the difference is. On another occasion, Earnest said that it is not just “entirely likely” but also “even expected” that the Iranian government will use the money which has been released from sanctions via the nuclear deal, on terrorism.

To make matters even worse, new Department of Defense assessments have shown the Pentagon has knowledge that Iran has been continuing to develop its nuclear arsenal, spending $1.7 billion which was released by the United States on the funding of new equipment for their military.

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph Dunford downplayed the $1.7 billion when speaking to Congress, however he did add that the continued additions to the Iranian war machine is a “great concern”. Although Dunford has repeated the funds released from the United States have not been used directly on the Iranian military, this has been rejected by numerous reports of members of Congress, foreign policy experts and insiders, and even Pentagon reports.

Dunford did add though that the increase in Iran’s monetary resources is not at all correlated with the recent increase in the nation’s questionable military behaviors. Surely, the two could not be proven to be causual but there is certainly reason to believe there may be some impact.

What do you think? Should the next Administration change their approach towards Iran and look to change or get rid of the Iran Nuclear Deal? Let HYPELINE know what you think in the comments!

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