A student newspaper at a high-ranking university, University of Chicago, uses the phrase “people with uteruses” in a recent editorial instead of “women”.

An editorial from two months ago in the Chicago Maroon argues for free tampons and pads in the bathroom. The editorial itself is not particularly noteworthy; as the newspaper notes, condoms are already handed out for health reasons, so this is more about gender parity.

However, the newspaper paraphrases a quote from an advocacy groups to make it more politically correct. The direct quote from the group “Free the Tampons” states, “86% of U.S. women report that they’ve started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need.”

That is not what the Chicago Maroon wrote, however. They write, “As advocacy group Free the Tampons notes, 86 percent of people with uteruses have started their cycle without having the supplies they need; providing hygiene products in campus bathrooms would mitigate this problem” (emphasis mine).

The article notes that a student government resolution had recently passed supporting the measure, but goes beyond just placing female hygiene products in women’s restrooms. Instead, the products will go in all restrooms.

According to an article about the vote, “The resolution was drafted by Sat Gupta, a Class of 2020 representative majoring in public policy. Gupta obtained permission from the Reynolds Club facilities managers to kick-start the free tampons program at their site. The program will provide free tampons and sanitary pads in both men’s and women’s bathrooms at Reynolds” writes the student paper.

In perhaps a bit of overlegislating, the resolution includes the exact brands and types of hygiene products that will be bought; “Initial purchase will include Always Ultra Thin Pads With Wings, Regular Absorbency, 46 Count (Quantity: 5) and Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons, Triplepack, Light/Regular/Super Absorbency, Unscented, 50 Count (Quantity: 5) from Amazon.com, totaling $69.70″.

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