Oreo is not a company that’s afraid of trying something new. They have made all different kinds of flavors of Oreo, including Swedish Fish, banana split, and cookies ‘n’ cream (because who doesn’t like oreo-flavored oreos?).

Most people stick to just a few Oreos, however. The big ones include regular, Double Stuf, mint, and vanilla. I’m particularly fond of the mint ones.

Oreo has ben in collaboration with German chocolate maestro Milka, and now my entire life’s trajectory has been thrown off axis. This may be the single best thing Oreo has ever produced. And remember, these are the people who gave us the dearly departed Oreo O’s (the Oreo cereal).

The bars are available in two varieties: the regular version that features a milk chocolate bar filled with vanilla creme and chunks of the cookie, and the Big Crunch Bar, which weighs in at a hefty 10.5oz (or three times the size of a regular bar) and contains an entire layer of Oreo cookies inside.


According to Thrillist, the bars are currently available in limited areas, with full-blown national distribution coming as early as January of next year. More than likely they’ll be used to help break those New Year’s resolutions

What are your thoughts on this? Will your new years resolution be to eat these? Let us know below!

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