During the past few days, conservatives on social media have been going after each other on multiple social media platforms. This has been a reaction to Tomi Lahren’s comments on The View about her pro-choice views, and the backlash that Lahren and other pro-choice conservatives have received is absolutely disgusting.

As a pro-life conservative myself, it is pathetic seeing the attacks and name calling that the pro-choice conservatives are facing. Most conservatives are in fact pro-life, but Lahren is among the few who are pro-choice. While she believes the government should not be interfering with a woman’s “right to privacy”, she does not support the government funding of abortions.

Lahren also stated in October that she doesn’t care what you do as long as she isn’t paying for it and that abortion is not her “biggest issue.”

Tomi Lahren on The View

This is the appearance where Lahren disappointed most conservatives when she stated she was pro-choice. Lahren is still going to be a prominent voice in the conservative movement in the future despite being pro-choice. Bashing her over her belief on this one issue is something that would be ridiculous for conservatives to do.

There are bigger things to worry about

There are bigger things to worry about in this country than who is pro-life or pro-choice. We have people who want to do nothing but hurt this country and judges who want to let those people into our country. President Trump has had two travel bans from high risk countries turned down by two judges in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Hopefully, these rulings will be overturned after Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings that begin on March 20. The issue of potentially dangerous people coming into the United States should be enough to make people forget about differences like pro-life vs. pro-choice. Unfortunately, people in the conservative movement will be looking for whatever arguments they can start just to smear other conservatives.

The biggest foreign policy issue on everyone’s mind right now is how to deal with ISIS. The terrorist group is rapidly expanding in the Middle East and it is going to take a worldwide effort to stop them. Conservatives and Liberals should both agree that we need to stop ISIS.

If the world does not act against them fast enough we could be in for a war that is much longer than the war in Iraq. However, with James Mattis in charge as Secretary of Defense, we should expect to see action taken against ISIS sooner rather than later.

Disagreement on one issue does not make you a ‘RINO’

Just because you disagree with one or two values that conservatives have that does not mean you are a RINO. Disowning several conservative values like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell does make you a RINO. These four have made their congressional careers out of disowning conservatives on multiple issues.

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The pro-life vs. pro-choice debate and being socially moderate is the only disagreement Tomi Lahren has shown to have with conservatives. Although there is disappointment in her position, she sides with conservatives on basically every other issue. Conservatives need to focus on that common ground where they agree, not get angry over their disagreement.

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