We all know that Obama is somewhat of a communist who can’t seem to do anything right especially when it comes to foreign policy. Well, except support and do business with all of his communist friends. It’s time to stop being all politically correct and take the gloves off and tell it like it is. This guy does not like America at all and during the past several years he has shown his true colors. During the recent WikiLeaks dump of the Podesta emails Obama was described in 2008 as someone who “would personally negotiate with the leaders of terrorist nations like Iran and North Korea without preconditions.”

Now although he has not negotiated with North Korea, at least not publicly, he has negotiated with several other terrorist nations. The most recent being the Communist Regime of Cuba. And yes, Cuba is still a terrorist nation, even though the Obama Administration decided to take Cuba off of the list of nations that sponsors terrorism – just one of the many examples of Obama helping out his communist friends. A nation that systematically has impoverished it own people leaving the average Cuban citizen without enough to eat everyday and with no hope to excel in life is a terrorist nation. A country that has killed and continues to kill and imprison those who think differently and oppose their regime is still a terrorist nation. Just last month in September the Castro brothers met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on how they can continue to work together (against the United States). But things like this don’t seem to bother or raise any red flags for the president of the United States, maybe he’s color blind, who knows.

“Internationally, Cuba has strong political and economic alliances with totalitarian/autocratic and rogue regimes with shared anti-U.S. agendas –North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Saudi Arabia, etc., as well as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador, the Latin American countries on the path to the neo-communist “Bolivarian alternative” they call “21st century socialism,” reported the UN Watch.

This past Friday Obama decided to continue of his destructive path of foreign policies by lifting restrictions on the amount of rum and cigars that an American citizen can bring into the United States. His presidential policy directive will also “allow Cubans to buy certain U.S. consumer goods online, open the door for Cuban pharmaceutical companies to do business in the United States and let Cubans and Americans do joint medical research,” as reported by Reuters. Some call it a win for the free market but I call it a win for the Castro Regime. Obama called it “another major step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with Cuba” and that it “takes a comprehensive and whole-of-government approach to promote engagement with the Cuban government and people and make our opening to Cuba irreversible.”

Clearly the president of the United States doesn’t comprehend that the Cuban people aren’t the ones that will actually benefit from any of this. The Cuban government might say that they are going to help the people and that they will make sure that the Cuban people will have a part in it but the past 50 years are a clear indication of what really goes on in Cuba, regardless of who does business with the communist regime.

“There is no such thing as a private sector in Cuba,” said Ana Quintana, policy analyst for Latin America and the Western Hemisphere at The Heritage Foundation. “If it isn’t state-owned, what you have is the black market. The Cuban government owns and operates the rum and the cigar manufacturing.”

“If the previous policy was not working, don’t just change the policy to something that is not gaining the results you are seeking,” said Cuban activist Antonio Rodiles. “There were no commitments made by the regime. They can still do whatever they want to do.”

Since Obama visit to the island the Castro Regime has doubled down on those who speak against the government, especially those who protest. Politically motivated arrests in 2015 totaled 8,616 and from the beginning of 2016 to the end of September of this year the number is almost the same as Cuba is on pace to arrest more than 11,000 people this year alone for political reasons.

ccdhrn-cuba-arrests-09-2016Chart of those arrested for political reasons since 2010

“The Cuban government increased its violations of religious freedom “tenfold” according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, with 2,300 violations in 2015, up from 220 in 2014,” reported The Daily Signal.


“The Obama administration is moving ahead even though the regime has become more aggressive,” said Rodiles.

“After two years of President Obama’s Cuba policy, the Castro regime has made out like bandits and received numerous concessions from the U.S. without lifting a finger to return the fugitives it is harboring from American justice, pay Americans for their stolen property, or allow the Cuban people to exercise their God-given freedoms. Today’s announcement reaffirms the fact that President Obama’s Cuba policy puts the Castro regime’s interests first, profits ahead of America’s national security, and the Cuban people’s rights and dignity dead last,” said Marco Rubio in a statement last Friday.

Rubio is right — the United States is literally handing over anything and everything to the Cuban government without anything in return.

Image result for obama castro

“Today’s regulatory economic changes from the White House not only benefit state-owned Cuban businesses and bolster the coffers of the Castro regime, but mark a profound shift away from our own commitment to the rule of law and the processes of democracy as we have always known them,” said Senate Democrat Robert Menendez who along with Marco are two Cuban-American members of Congress who sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“The new regulations simply and blatantly violate both the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992 and the Cuban Liberty and the Libertad Act of 1996,” Senator Menendez said, “which codified the embargo against Cuba.”

Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence was in Miami, Florida this past Saturday night attending the Lincoln Day Dinner and he assured the fellow Cubans and Republicans in the room that he and Donald Trump won’t fold and bend over backyards to the Castro brothers stating that “When Donald Trump and I take to the White House, we will reverse Barack Obama’s executive order on Cuba.”

“We will support a continuation of the embargo until we see real political freedom in that nation once and for all” Pence continued.

Real political freedom is what Cuba needs. The Cuban people, my relatives, my parents families who still live on the island need freedom. With the current administration the Cuban people have no chance at any political freedom. With a leftist administration, it will be far worse for the Cuban people as it will be a continuation of the recent policies with the Castro regime. Cubans and conservatives not only in Miami and Florida, but all over the United States, need to stand up to polices that only strengthen communist regimes and we need to do everything in our power to ensure citizens in communist and socialist countries like Cuba and Venezuela and others in Latin America that we stand with them and we will fight for their rights to one day have the same freedoms that the United States of America offers to its citizens


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