Over the last several years Tesla Motors has caught the world by storm. For a long time companies and innovators have been attempting to make a sustainable vehicle which operates off of electric rather than gasoline. Although numerous attempts had been made, for the most part the range was low, the size was small, and the popularity was virtually zero.

However Tesla Motors has created a number of models of luxury vehicles which have the best technological equipment, all while not using gasoline. The Model S has been their primary product, the sedan which starts at just around $70,000, but has versions which can go well into six figures.

Nonetheless though the popularity has been growing, which can be seen in their profits in recent quarters. Besides the profits though, the amount they have spent on research and development suggests the company may have a very strong future. Another company which had attempted to also have a large stake in the luxury sedan marker was Fisker with the Karma model. Fisker has since gone under though as the expensive price tag with the lack of productivity seemed to create many barriers to seeing widespread success.

Now though a new American electric car company has emerged. The company Lucid has now unveiled the Air. It is an electric model which starts at $52,500 and will surely be created to compete with the Tesla Model S. This price tag is before government incentives, and is significantly less expensive than the comparable Tesla options.

Some options will also be included, while Tesla charges of thousands of dollars additional to the basic retail price. For example the Lucid Air will come with auto pilot standard, which Tesla charges an additionally $10,000 for that option. Notably though the initial ones to be released are the higher end ones which will still be around $100,000. They do promise though that these numbers will be coming down as the lower end models hit the marketplace.

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