So #CalExit is a thing.

Throughout President Obama’s time in the Oval Office, there were a number of instances in which significant online movements gained traction that advocated secession from the United States. With thousands of signatures on petitions, the Obama Administration was forced to respond to some of these petitions.

These movements were often ridiculed — as it can certainly be considered rather ridiculous for a state to secede simply based on political differences with leaders in the federal government. It now though appears that the tides are changing.

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Recent polls indicate that 32% of Californians would be in favor of the Golden State seceding from the union. Much of this sentiment appears to be from Democrats who adamantly oppose President Donald Trump, according to a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos.

32% of Californians would be in favor of secession.

Across the country, the rate at which individuals would like to see their state peacefully secede from the United States stands at 22%. The numbers in large states like California and Texas are already more likely to think positively of the idea of secession. With economies that are much larger than the majority of countries in the world, they certainly have a valid case.

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However, there tends to be substantial increases in support to exit the country when those with politically different believes are in charge of the federal government, especially of the Executive Branch. There was clear opposition to President Obama in Texas, while the trend seems to be similar against President Trump in California.

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With large protests against Donald Trump continuing across the country, it can only be expected that opposition and division will continue. Despite increased public support, it nonetheless should not be at all expected that this type of measure would ever gain any substantial support. It is certainly much easier to be supportive of secession when taking a telephone survey than to actually do anything to substantially move forward with secession.

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