The staff here at Turning Point News works hard to bring you the best in Campus News every day, but while we’re working we’ve always got Netflix on in the background. That’s why we decided to give you our top 10 recommendations of things you need to watch this month on Netflix.

10. 2017 – Louis C.K.
Few comedians can continually crank out material at the rate Louis does, and even fewer can continue to put out this strong of a performance. This new Netflix stand-up special definitely takes awhile to pick up but give it 10 minutes because that first punch line is worth every second of set up. And as you’d expect, there’s really no topic he’s afraid to tackle.

9. Bordertown
In this 2016 Fox comedy from Mark Hentemann we get to witness another family arrangement mirroring Family Guy, American Dad, and all the other big Seth McFarlane hits. A dumb dad, a strong mom, and 3 equally dysfunctional children all living in this fictional town of Bordertown. While there are certainly some cheap and even distasteful jokes we found it interesting the way it’s begun to parallel the world we’re living in today.

8. The Entire CW Superhero Universe (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow)
The superhero genre has exploded in the last 10 years and while Marvel may be dominating the cinematic universe, DC is the reigning King of television. The 4 shows all take place in the same universe which allows for plenty of fun crossovers throughout the seasons. If you’ve never been a fan of superheroes and the whole genre seems silly to you, watch the first few episodes of Arrow and get back to us. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

7. Chill with Bob Ross
We know what you’re thinking, this list is full of scripted shows with huge budgets, why is Bob Ross in the top 10? The answer is quite simple; it’s Bob Ross. Seriously, next time you’re in a rush to meet a deadline or life is stressing you out just throw an episode on and tell me you don’t feel instantly relaxed. It’s important to mention that while we love having Bob on in the background, none of us are actually talented enough to paint along with him so kudos to those of you that can. Send us your completed paintings in the comments below!

6. Wilfred (U.S.)
It’s not the newest thing on Netlix as it only ran from 2011-2014 but this adaptation of an Australian series is one of the most real shows available right now. And we know what you’re thinking, how can a show that features a grown man in a dog costume be one of the realest shows? By going to places that most other shows or even movies are afraid to go. Wilfred isn’t afraid to tackle depression or anxiety as it creates storylines focusing on issues we all go through on a daily basis. We know it sounds weird but it’s definitely worth viewing.

5. Californication
Another show you might’ve missed, airing from 2007-2014 this comedy follows the struggles of Hank Moody as he tries to get over his writer’s block as well as deal with the utter chaos that is his life. The show dives into the L.A. lifestyle as we see Hank and others deal with the pressures of show business and all the problems that can come with it such as alcoholism, sex addiction, and even some hard drug dependency. As exciting as this is, the real reason it lasted 7 seasons is because the show has some of the best setup’s in television. The writers are able to take every little event that happens and throw it all together into one of the craziest but completely believable climaxes is what has us binging the show until 4 in the morning.

4. Black Mirrors
Originally broadcasting in the U.K. Netlix revived this series for a 3rd season and we couldn’t be happier that they did. Every episode is a standalone and can range anywhere from 40 minutes to a full 90 minute feature. The premise is simple, make the viewer rethink everything they’ve ever known. We recommending starting with the episode “White Rabbit” to get you hooked, then you better call in sick to work tomorrow because we know you’ll be binging the series for the next day.

3. Santa Clarita Diet
Drew Barrymore is back with more energy than ever, most of that energy coming from her recent transformation into a zombie. In this Netflix original Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant provide a breath of fresh air for the zombie genre with their tongue-in-cheek delivery styles. The show has a feel similar to iZombie (another show on Netflix worth binging) in that we aren’t supposed to be terrified of zombies like The Walking Dead, instead we witness the progression of someone turned zombie just trying to live a normal life. The series was renewed for a second season just a few days after it’s release and we’re already counting down the days until it’s back.

2. Archer
If you’ve never seen the show before your first thought will be, hey isn’t that the guy from Bob’s Burgers? Yes it is, and he’s pretty similar except that Archer has a gun, knows a thousand random but specific references, and is perhaps just slightly autistic. Netflix recently added season 7 which see’s the gang go from being one of the top spy agencies in the world to struggling to get by as one of the worst detective agencies. The show reminds me of Arrested Development or Community in the sense that there’s not a single wasted line in an episode and you have to really pay attention to what’s going on because someones sure to make a joke about it in 30 seconds. If you’ve never seen it start with the “Skytanic” episode, that’s the moment I was hooked.

1. Collection 1 – Dave Chappelle
It’s the return we’ve all been waiting for. After rumors of disappearing to Africa for years and getting completely loaded on stage, this iconic comedian makes it clear that he’s been eagerly plotting his return. With 2 brand new specials up, and at least one more to come, Dave Chappelle is back with the same humor and delivery you remember from the early days of the Chappelle show. We thought the first stand-up was the best but the second one certainly holds it’s own. He may be older, he may be a little more sober, but he’s still the Chappelle you loved years ago.

That’s our list of the top 10 things to watch on Netflix right now. Do you agree? Let us know any that we missed in the comments below! 

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