Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his support for President Trump’s border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, via Twitter on Saturday.

He stated that the barrier he built along his country’s southern border “stopped all illegal immigration” and was a “great idea.” This comes after an executive order signed by Trump Wednesday, which stated that the building of the wall will begin in the comings months.

The southern wall in Israel is not the West Bank barrier, which was built to end terror attacks launched from Palestinian Arab cities.

This barrier was built due to Israel’s stagnant problems from the influx of tens of thousands of African illegal immigrants through Egypt. Many of which came from Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria — all seeking employment and asylum.

Many of them were escaping the situation in Darfur, but their arrival also coincided with an spike in crime, more burden on the Israeli health system and other social problems.

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