Thursday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was given the opportunity to address the UN General Assembly.

This speech came just minutes after President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas addressed the delegation. Many have praised the 40 minute speech, saying that it provided a great sense of optimism, something that greatly countered the contents of the speech given by Abbas.

Netanyahu began his address by speaking of the bright future he sees with Israel’s relationship with the UN. He acknowledged his claim that the United Nations began as a “moral force,” yet has now became a “moral farce.” However, he stated that he believes this is changing, as it has become more widespread and accepted that Israel is a friend and benefits the international community.

In an interesting change of events, Netanyahu acknowledged that Israeli terrorists carried out the attack in Duma of last year, which led to three members of the Dawabsha family being killed. This contrasted very much with Abbas’s speech, as never did the Palestinian Authority President recognize any terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinians.

Yet, Abbas was willing to attempt to once again change the history of the relationship between Israel and Palestine, by claiming it was the Israeli Jews who denied the Partition Plan of 1947.

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