It is abundantly clear that advocates for Israel across the world had largely been disappointed by many of the actions undertaken by the Obama Administration.

With numerous controversial actions, most notably with the Iran Deal and the American abstention from the anti-Israel Resolution on the UN Security Council, there have been many widely criticized policies which had been undertaken.

Although President Trump’s true commitment to Israel has not been abundantly clear, at the very least it can undoubtedly be expected that these next four years will mark a substantial change in American foreign policy, especially regarding Israel.

Trump and members of Congressional Republican leadership have routinely voiced concern over President Obama’s actions, while also representing a strong advocacy for the State of Israel.

Today, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to represent the relationship between the United States and Israel moving forward.

Later, Trump and Netanyahu held a press conference to publicly discuss their meeting and to represent America’s willingness to side with Israel.

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Regarding the meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Netanyahu stated the relationship between the nations is “about to get stronger.”

The press conference was streamed live online, it was clear throughout the event that there is a genuine dedication on both sides to work together, and move forward to ensure the protection of Israel and to end the ongoing hostility in the Middle East.

President Trump emphasized that in finding a peace agreement and long lasting peace, it is essential that the parties involved negotiate on their own. This represents a stark belief by Trump that the United States should not be dictating the terms at which Israel negotiates peace agreements.

“The United States will encourage a peace, and really a great peace deal. We’ll be working on it very diligently.”

President Trump added,

“But it is the parties themselves who must directly negotiate such an agreement.”

The dedication by the United States to actively prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons was also reaffirmed throughout. It is still unclear exactly what will come of the Iran Deal under Trump’s leadership. However, it is obvious that Trump is very critical of the agreement.

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