On Saturday night, Nebraska took on Fresno State in their home opener for the 2016-2017 season.

But with one less guy on the field. 

On July 23rd, Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, along with former Michigan State punter, Mike Sadler, were fatally killed in a car crash in Merton, Wisconsin.

To honor Sam, Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone changed his number to honor Foltz, Nebraska started a scholarship fund dedicated to Sam, displayed lots of #27’s on just about anything, and gave Sam’s two nephews the opportunity to lead the football team onto the field Saturday night.

But none of that compared to what the Nebraska offense did Saturday night against Fresno State:

The punting unit came out as usual but left an empty spot where Sam would have stood, honoring their fallen teammate. This, of course, resulted in a delay of game but was declined by Fresno State in the classiest of ways.


There wasn’t a dry eye in Memorial Stadium, and as a Husker fan myself, this one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed as sports fan. It goes to show that there is time for games but there is also times for seriousness as an athlete.

In the words of Sam Foltz:

Work hard. Stay humble. Dream big.” 


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