House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes the solution to healthcare is more government intervention.

Pelosi in an interview said she would “love” a single-payer health care system as a way to remedy the failures of Obamacare.

“Well, I wanted single-payer,” Pelosi said when asked by ‘Meet The Press’ host Chuck Todd about Obamacare. “I mean, I wanted a—I’d love a single-payer, but we’re not—I wanted a public option, which would address that. But we’ve never done anything, whether it was Social Security, Medicare and the rest where we haven’t said how does this— let’s see how it works, and let’s improve it. But no, I wouldn’t worry about that.”

Single-payer healthcare is a system in which the state, rather than private insurers, pays for all healthcare costs. Supporters argue that all Americans will be insured through a single-payer system. Opponents argue a single-payer system will lower the quality, specialization and timeliness of healthcare.

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