Bernie Sanders supporters preached that democratic socialism is not the same thing as pure socialism during the 2016 election. PragerU released a video explaining the lack of a difference between the two,

“The fact is that over time the greatest enemy of socialism is reality. The reality that human nature with invariably pull certain people toward individualism and success and others toward laziness and collectiveness. The tension between the makers and the takers always, always, leads to socialisms inevitable collapse.”

Sanders supporters and democratic socialists advocate that socialism is better than capitalism. Capitalism is greedy and exploits individuals. What is greedier than taking what others have earned? Socialism is greedy and exploits the individual. It takes what is yours and gives it to others.

“Socialism can only occur at gunpoint. People make you give the government your money, an increasing amount of your money, the more successful you are or they send in scary men with guns to take you away.”

Where is the difference? Putting the world “democratic” in front of socialism does not change the meaning. It does not change the history of socialism. It does not change that socialism kills, steals and exploits.

Watch PragerU’s full video here:

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