Hypeline News was the first to speak with Ryan Clayton as he prepared to bring hundreds if not thousands of Russian flags labeled with “TRUMP” on them into the presidents speech on Friday at CPAC.

Clayton started passing out these flags in front of the Gaylord and then proceeded to pass them out inside of Trumps speech before being removed from CPAC. CPAC staffers had to work to remove the hundreds of flags confiscated from him as he tried to continue his protest.

We followed Clayton into the Gaylord as he prepared to distribute his flags and learned that according to him, many people he handed the flags too weren’t aware that they were in fact Russian flags, but they saw red, white, and blue, along with Trump’s name, and thought that they were patriotic flags.

Clayton, in a very thick faux-Russian accent, had quite a lot to say to Hypeline Reporter Julio Rosas. See the unbelievable video below:

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