Throughout this past election cycle, President-elect Donald Trump has been an outspoken critic of businesses relocating or extending their services to other countries. By claiming that the owners of these businesses have continued to take advantage of the United States while costing Americans jobs, the future President has repeatedly promised to punish these businesses through enforcing tariffs on their products. By advocating for tariffs to be placed on these goods, Donald Trump has stated that businesses will become less willing to leave the country.

However, many have spoken out against Donald Trump’s tariff proposal. These critics have stated that Trump’s protectionist economic policy goes against the principles of free trade, while costing American citizens more for the goods and services they desire to purchase from businesses that have relocated to other countries.

Among these critics, include Senator Mike Lee of Utah. On Friday, CNN Money reported:

“A staffer for Republican Senator Mike Lee told trade experts at a lunch in Washington this week that he is looking into ways to curtail the President’s wide-ranging powers to impose tariffs, according to one of Lee’s aides.

The aide said a bill could be introduced as early as next week, and it may require Trump to go through Congress to use tariffs.”

Senator Lee’s aide then proceeded to explain that the proposed legislation would not just be an attempt to curtail the President-elect’s proposed tariffs, but would also represent an effort to give Congress more power over the policies and powers of the executive branch.

Although Senator Mike Lee has not yet provided further detail on his possible bill, he is joined by many of his colleagues in denouncing implementing tariffs on these imported goods.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has previously stated,

“President-elect Trump means well. But won’t his 35% tariff idea raise prices on American families? How would it not be a 35% tax on families?”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has stated that tax reform is a better way to solve the issue, by allowing American businesses to keep more of their earned income.

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