Microsoft today unveiled Teams, its Slack-like chat service. Teams offers similar web-based chat built for businesses and teams the way that Slack Users have grown to know and love, with things like storage of chats, third party services, and of course everyone’s must-have in 2016: memes.

Slack has become what many think as the “digital water cooler” for office chit-chat and communications. It’s also nice for teams separated over a decent distance as its informality makes it nice to communicate like normal people do.

For a while there were rumors that Microsoft actually might attempt to purchase Slack, but at the asking price (a $4 billion valuation) it simply didn’t seem like the best plan for Microsoft.

Being that Microsoft is what it is, if it can’t buy something, it can usually build a competitor itself, and it has done so in Teams. However it has made some decent modifications.


Things like threaded messaging (like Reddit or Facebook messages), and integration into Office 365, essentially adding it for “free” to Microsoft’s millions of subscribers of Office 365.

Due to its integration with Office Teams might very well be quick to become a serious threat to Slack. Slack does have one advantage, however. It can be used for free, whereas Teams does require an Office 365 subscription or other paid service.

Slack’s response to Teams has been to take out a full-page open letter-style advertisement congratulating Microsoft on its entry into the space and giving some “advice” about what made Slack successful. This response has raised a few eyebrows—the comments beneath the Medium version of the open letter are broadly unkind—and gives the impression that the startup is already running scared of an 800lb gorilla that’s muscling in on its turf.

From Slack:

Wow. Big news! Congratulations on today’s announcements. We’re genuinely excited to have some competition.

That is some serious Sarcasm.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you try out Teams? Let us know below!

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