The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins open up there season on September 11th and some Seattle Seahawks players are planning on protesting during the National Anthem and continue the trend that Colin Kaepernick started several weeks ago. Now it seems that some players from the Miami Dolphins are going to join in on the “protest.”

“Some guys might do some things,” cornerback Byron Maxwell said. “I’m not sure what they’re going to do, but they might do some things.”

In a player only meeting held by newly acquired running back Arian Foster they spoke on what they will do as a team, or individuals, but to be united as a team no matter what some do or don’t do. The Sun Sentinel reported that, “Jones said Foster had a simple message for his teammates: “Just make sure everybody is together. It’s lot going on right now in the NFL and each guy, it’s to each his own.”

“There’s a lot going on right now in the NFL and everybody has their different feelings and opinions, or different stands,” safety Reshad Jones said. “That’s basically what he told us: Make sure we’re together, and we’re here to win a football game.”

Some Dolphins fans have commented on the matter and many are not happy with the decision of having players on their hometown team join in on a protest that is seen as “disrespectful.” The comments by fans came after The Palm Beach Post reported the news of the potential protest on Friday.

“My family and friends won’t be going to games this year, and some won’t buy products advertised during games,” one commenter posted. Another threatened a similar boycott: “I’m protesting the disrespect for our country and boycotting the NFL until they make everyone stand. I’ll watch college football and baseball and hockey, period.”


(H/T – CBS Miami)

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