I was sitting inside La Carreta, a popular Cuban restaurant in Miami, with a couple friends when I get a notification on my phone, it was RT reporting that Fidel Castro was dead at the age of 90. I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe it. I tell my friends and they start looking and checking their notifications as well to find that everyone from local news to BBC news was reporting of the death of the dictator.

It was really hard to describe the feeling at that moment. It was disbelief, relief, joy and excitement all at the same time. I let a couple people in the restaurant know and the next thing you know the restaurant erupts into cheers, what happened next is something that only people in Miami will ever understand. GET THE POTS AND PANS READY IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!

We walk out of the restaurant and the next thing you know within minutes of the news reporting that Fidel Castro was dead, people from all over the neighborhood were already making their way to the restaurant to celebrate this historic event.

I’m a Cuban-American born in Miami, Florida, both of my parents left Cuba in the 1960’s and have never returned. I have yet to meet any of my family from Cuba but at 24 years old I will one day be able to meet them, but not a lot of other Cubans can say the same thing. Many have left the island and have never returned, losing loved ones on the Cuba during that time period. Hundreds have lost their life trying to escape the island by sea and thousands more have lost their life opposing the Castro Regime on the island.

The feeling of seeing so many people coming to celebrate the death of a man that caused so much harm to thousands of families, including my own. and millions of people over the past 50+ years is hard to describe. I’ve been to plenty of  Miami Heat celebrations at this same restaurant but the atmosphere that began to overcome La Carreta at this moment was something I’ve never experienced before.

For those who don’t know the culture of Miami when we celebrate, WE CELEBRATE.

The flags, the people and the chants fill the air as hundreds of Cuban-Americans flood the parking lot and street in front of La Carreta to celebrate the death of a man who deserved to go a long time ago.

The next thing you know a truck pulls up waving a Cuban Flag along with a Trump “Make America Great Again” flag, what happened next was truly amazing.

It’s time to Make Cuba Great Again.

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